Hard Rubber Pelham
  • Hard Rubber Pelham

Hard Rubber Pelham


Stainless steel cheeks, rubber covered stainless steel mouthpiece

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Hard Rubber Pelham by Windsor Equestrian

The pelham bit is often used in showing as an alternative to a weymouth and bradoon. It applies a variety of pressures which all work together and therefore is a very popular bit. This bit should be used with two reins, the first rein attaches to the snaffle ring and the second rein is attached to the ring on the lower shank. When the first rein is used the bit acts like a hanging cheek snaffle, when the second rein is used it increases leverage, lip pressure and the curb chain also applies pressure. Bits which have a rubber covered mouthpiece soften the effect on the bars of the mouth. It is ideal for horses which have a sensitive mouth or prefer a softer, warmer feel. The hard rubber has stainless steel through the middle of the bit


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