Rubber Covered Eggbutt Snaffle
  • Rubber Covered Eggbutt Snaffle

Rubber Covered Eggbutt Snaffle


Stainless Steel


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Rubber Covered Eggbutt Snaffle by Windsor Equestrian

This is a fixed cheek, everything remains more still in the mouth. Eggbutts are ideal for a horse that is lacking in confidence and help them stretch into the contact. They may not suit horses that tend to lean on the bit. The eggbutt snaffles have the nutcracker action which acts on the bars of the mouth and sometimes the roof of the mouth. This bit has a rubber covered mouthpiece to soften the effect on the bars of the mouth. It is ideal for horses which have a sensitive mouth or prefer a softer, warmer feel

Stainless Steel, the most common material for bits – durable, easy to clean, tasteless and does not rust


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