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A holster containing the SoloComb, SoloRake and SoloBrush

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A holster containing the SoloComb, SoloRake and SoloBrush. This simple, light distinctive, clip-on holster can sit in a grooming kit, then slip on to a waistband, belt or pocket, enabling the owner to work on the horse or pet without the need of bending to change tool or losing kit whilst working. Purposely designed to carry the SoloGroom range and keep them together. It is the best way to check no one has borrowed equipment and is a perfect gift

All SoloGroom tools are purposely designed

  • With the animal and owner in mind
  • To provide one-handed, quiet, painless and humane grooming solutions
  • To be stylish, light, easy to operate, highly visible and fun to use
  • To be hygienic, durable and safe for animal and handler
  • With a 1 year guarantee
  • Ergonomically - for comfortable left or right handed use
  • To be the best choice for owners, horses and pets

Only available with the pink border at this time