Heather Moffett Seatbone Saver
  • Heather Moffett Seatbone Saver

Heather Moffett Seatbone Saver


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Transforms the comfort of all saddles. Enhances rider position and adhesion to the saddle. Fits any saddle with normal flap and panel. Easy to attach and remove

Made from a slow recovery foam originally developed by NASA for ejector seats and covered in high quality suede it fits quickly and easily on any saddle. Those with tender seatbones will benefit from it's use as well as the ordinary rider who will find they can sit easier on poorly designed saddles

The secret is the foam inside the pad - developed for use in American military pilot’s seats, to withstand the ‘G’ forces of ejector seats. The foam moulds to the rider’s shape, and unlike ordinary plastic or latex foams, does not spring back, taking a few seconds to return to shape. This assists the rider to absorb the movement of a big-moving or bouncy horse, and is also great for back sufferers. The outer cover being made of suede does not slip on the saddle, and the pad fits in seconds by means of adjustable straps, which fit discreetly under the saddle flaps, keeping the pad very secure

Rider stability and position in the saddle are greatly assisted, because instead of sitting on top of a slippery, hard seat, the rider sinks into the suede-covered foam. Heather Moffett Seatbone Savers Savers are ideal to take on riding holidays, transforming the comfort of even the hardest saddle. When the rider is comfortable, he or she moves less in the saddle, making life easier for the horse

The seatbone saver simply attaches by straps which slip underneath the saddle flaps and can be fitted and removed in seconds

Available in black or brown


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