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Likit Holder


Equine Boredom Relief

Mental stimulation



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Likits keep your horse happy ... by providing mental stimulation through environmental enrichment.

With a strong colourful nylon rope, hang in the stable to keep your horse amused for hours.

Likits keep your horse healthy ... licking stimulates saliva production, essential for regulating acidity in the gut.


Instructions for use

Hang your likit Holder from a strong beam well away from any walls (incorrect positioning will result in increased consumption)

The centre of the likit Holder should be level with your horse’s or pony’s withers

If you do not have a beam or some other area to hang the Likit Holder try running a piece of rope or bailer twine from top corner to opposite diagonal corner and use to suspend the Likit holder


Top Tips

When introducing your horse to the Likit Holder, firstly let him lick the Likit from your hand, then hang the Likit Holder as directed and hold steady, encourage him to lick again. Now stand back and watch as he plays!

Alternate the flavour of the Likit and change its position in the stable box to keep your horse interested

The Salt, Sport and Ice Likits are a fun way of providing free access salt in the stable


Key points

Use with 1 x Likit (650g) (SOLD SEPARATELY)


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